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Part 3 : Browser Surf Automation

Step:1 Auto Browser Surf Sites

RankBoostup is one of the best free browser traffic exchanges. They require you to install the Alexa tool bar addon from Alexa.com. Works best with Chrome.

Auto Alexa rank traffic browser. Click to Sign up now free!

Sign up, enter your account. Click Websites on the left. Click +Add Website (orange) near the bottom of the page. Please enter your RelMaxTop link. (EXAMPLE: http://trckapp.com/llm0g7ft)

Move the right Visitors Duration slider to 60 seconds, followed by the left slider to 60 seconds. Depending on if you have upgraded or not, please skip the rest of the steps and submit your site. It may go under pending status for a day or so. Please wait for admin to approve.

Next you want to start surfing. Click on traffic exchange on the top left. Please click to install the Boostup Extensions. It's a fast way to get surfing. Best used with Chrome.

Once that is finished, click on Start Exchange Session button. It will auto detect if you have Alexa toolbar installed. If you don't it will alert you to install it. In some cases you may need to re-install the Alexa addon. That's it for this one.

More browser auto surf sites will be added later. Please check back. Thanks!

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