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Hello, I'm sure you're here about generating free credits, leads, income, traffic and Alexa rank to your website using my system of websites. There is 2 requirements for this method to work. First one is you need a website. You can create a free website at Groove Funnels with an Freenom domain (will help setup for a small required donation if you contact me and I'm not to busy) or you can get a premium website (premium website recommended although free website should work, I never tested it on free website). You can visit my Hosting page for a great affordable cPanel plan. Number two requires you to auto surf at least one (three+ for boosting) traffic exchange daily for this to work. That's only about 30 minutes out of your day. You can surf more if you have the time. Here is my (not so much a secret anymore :D ) free traffic system I use to generate all of my credits, leads, income, traffic, Alexa rank & more. That's right, I said FREE! Of course, if you pay for upgrade at any of these websites, you will earn FAR more!
I'm about to show you a series of websites to sign up with. Please don't get overwhelmed by this. Please take a break and come back if you have to. You only have to set this up once. :)

Part 1: Initial Setup

Step 1 First Rotator

JoeGeo is the first rotator site. This website will also generate us free income and traffic.
EasyHits4u Traffic Services
Login, click on Geo Rotate.
Add your website (EXAMPLE: into default rotator.
Add your website again, this time select United States for geo location.
In the Geo Rotator Manager you can see your rotator link “URL for this Geo Rotator:- This is my link. Your link will be different. Copy this link, we will use it later in the guide.

Step 2 Main Rotator List

EasyHits4U is the main rotator list site. We are allowed 10 links in free account.
The Most Popular Traffic Exchange
Login, on the left panel near the bottom under Tools, click on Easy Rotator.
Click Add New Rotator button.
Select any domain you wish in the drop down.
Enter any name you like for this rotator. Nobody will see it.
Pick http:// next to protocol.
Put check marks next to "Avatar in the top frame" and "Add This sharing tool".
Remember your "Rotator link, this one is mine. You will need it later.
Click update. Now you can see your newly created rotator.
Click on "Add New Links" to the right of your rotator name.
Click "Add A New Site". In the Link box paste in your JoeGeo rotator link. EXAMPLE:
You can title it anything you wish, nobody will see it. Click Add Site when your finished.
Click on Websites on the left. Click on "add a new website. Enter your domain (EXAMPLE: and name it anything, then click save.
Later in this guide, I will list 9 more free rotator link sites you can add to the rotator link list to maximize your exposer and earnings.

Step 3 Top Site Rankings & Analytics

We use RelMaxTop to record our analytics and see our rankings in another way. We also generate traffic and income by acquiring referrals that upgraded.
RelmaxTop. Free powerful counter for your website
Go back to EasyHits4U under tools and Easy Rotator. Move your mouse onto your rotator and click copy or highlight and copy your rotator url under your rotator name. Example:
Login to RelMaxTop, paste your EasyHits4U link in the MY Websites link box and click Track it!
Title it anything you like, nobody will see it. Pick any tracker link you like. Copy the link. This link is the main link we use across all surf app./browser sites. (EXAMPLE: you need it later.
Under "Customize my tracker bar" put a check mark in all box's, choose your color and click update.

Part 2: Traffic Application Automation

Step 1 Auto Surf Traffic Application

10KHits is a great auto traffic surf site. You will boost your alexa rank and earn traffic.
Free website traffic to your site!
Login to 10KHits, on left panel click Websites. Click add website on the right.
Paste in your RelMaxTop url you created earlier. (EXAMPLE:
Visit Duration in seconds set to off, set the slider to 60 seconds.
Maximum Hits Per Hour, set the slider to 500 hits.
Click on "Send as much traffic as possible as long as you have points" to enable it
Click on "save changes".
Click on the "10KHits" icon upper left to go back to home page.
On the right side, under Earn Points, click on the "Download Exchanger" Button (only for Windows). After downloading, open and follow the instructions to install it.
Open the 10KHits application on your desktop. Login, click "surf now" x2. You can resize the window or minimize it.

More auto surf apps. including Linux, more rotator sites will be added later. Please check back. Thanks!

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